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  • Forever a legend

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  • My view for the US-Turkey friendly 6/1/2014 at Red Bull Stadium in New Jersey.
  • My view for the US-Turkey friendly 6/1/2014 at Red Bull Stadium in New Jersey.

  • These are fantastic. 

    You can always count on phenomenal art every World Cup.

  • Required Listening: French funky mix

  • Required Listening: Biggie Birthday tune

  • Missed Connections, NYC

    You were wearing Google Glass shopping at Uniqlo.
    I loudly made a smart-ass comment about how ridiculous you looked. If your video picked that up and you watch it later, I’m sorry. I’m not a total jerk, I just think those things look silly.

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  • I wish every comic was this good.

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  • Missed Connections, NYC

    I was the guy in the background of the selfie you took in the middle of the sidewalk on Houston. 
    I hope you cherish our brief yet intimate moment together. Also, it was rude of you to not tag me on Instagram.

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  • Remembering that time i went to Rio, Brasil. A quick mix I put together featuring some of the incredible vinyl records I brought home from my recent trip to Brazil. Brazilian vinyl is frequently beat up and scratched so if the record skip, don’t trip.

    01 Doris e Miltinho - A Pedida É Samba
    02 Djavan - Serrado
    03 Cravo e Canela - Preco De Cada Um
    04 Tenorio Jr - Nebulosa (Haircut Edit)
    05 Tamba Trio - O Amor Que Acabou
    06 Jorge Ben - O Telefone Tocou Novamente
    07 Maria Bethânia - Último Desejo
    08 Quarteto Em Cy - Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser
    09 Jongo Trio - Feitinha Pro Poeta
    10 Os Novos Crioulos - Mar Afunda
    11 Emilio Santiago - Bananeira
    12 Burnier e Cartier - Mirandolina
    13 Orlandivo - Tamanco No Samba
    14 MPB4 - Palhaços e Reis
    15 João Donato - Amazonas
    16 Marcos Valle - Mais do Que Valsa

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